Road Warriors is what we are. We have talked to others like ourselves, as we run from city to city trying to stay ahead of that deadline, the boss, the month-end report or whatever else they throw at us.

Is Greg on vacation? What time to do we land.? What’s the weather like in Chicago? These are things we all ask ourselves as we move from place to place. My Desk will take care of these tasks and many more.

We carry pagers, PDAs, cell phones and God knows what else to stay in touch and ahead of the other guy. We try to manage our time and our movement and anything else to keep that edge of success.

But, until now we never had it all in one package that would allow us to stay ahead of the competition. My Desk is the ultimate time management tool made for today’s businessperson.

We are like you and we have built My Desk to help you win.